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HI! We are Drs. Saman Rezaie & Lauren Beardsley - husband and wife team taking on life, love and the pursuit of healthiness together.


We work with individuals who are seeking answers to their questions, who want to be involved in their health care and who are motivated to embrace Health by Design, NOT Disease by Default.

Our #1 goal is to help you NOT need us... seriously


Through transformational learning, we aim to help you develop the tools to feel confident in Captaining your Health Ship.

Our visits do NOT involve a “do this and don’t do that” structure

We engage you in a plan and ensure that this plan is both understood and most importantly, that it feels possible for you.   

Not only have we built our own health from the ground up, but we have helped thousands of clients move along the spectrum of health, beyond symptomatic relief and into true wellness



How to Work With Us

Health Coaching Programs 


We hold the key to reveal your health potential and build your healthy life. By accompanying you on your journey, we help you create your own health solutions that are the perfect fit for your life now. 

You are unique as is your history and your current circumstance. Your plan must fit YOU.  

We offer various health programs that are customized to your unique and specific health goals.  Contact us for more information on our services and programs and how they can benefit you.

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Common Conditions 

Drs Rezaie and Beardsley specialize in their approach to medicine, health and healing, rather than in a specific condition or treatment. What this means for you is a more complete and comprehensive plan that allows your whole body to return to a natural state of health faster and with results you never before imagined possible. Here are some initial reasons people just like you come seek our care.

Autoimmune disease 

Thyroid Disease 

Digestive Disorders 

Depression, Anxiety and Stress 

Chronic Fatigue 

Chronic Diseases of Lifestyle (Diabetes, Heart Disease, Metabolic Disease) 


Chronic Infection 

Hormonal Imbalance 

Fertility, Pregnancy and Postpartum 

Youre frustrated, we get it. We hear it everyday

“I haven’t felt my best in a long time”

“I feel that I have tried everything to improve my health”

“I feel like my health case is just too complex to figure out”  

“I feel completely confused on what advice is right and best for me”

“I want to do a better job of taking care of myself, but don’t know how to get started” 


Let us share a secret

Health is not complicated, but it can feel hard sometimes

The reason many medical plans and protocols don’t work is because they are missing the 3 key elements of building a successful foundation that lasts.

  1. Movement
  2. Process
  3. Connection


Yes, having a plan is important

Yes, talking with an expert matters



It doesn’t matter if you paid for the “perfect plan”

It doesn’t matter how many supplements or medications you take

It doesn’t matter how many lab tests you’ve done

It doesn’t matter what diet you are on

NONE of this guarantees Health 


What DOES matter are your beliefs, mindset, feelings, habits, behaviors and how these all contribute to creating your health picture.  


And this is exactly why we have designed our practice the way we have, to help you:  

  • Fully understand the intricacies of your health status and explore the root causes
  • Develop the tools to build health the is self-sustainable and indestructible – because Health is your most valuable asset.
  • Move from dis-ease to symptom relief toward complete wellness
  • Prioritize the things that matter and ignore the noise. 
  • Have the power to resolve unwanted suffering in your life and finally start living.
  • Make smarter choices that are based in science so you can thrive given any circumstances
  • Feel vibrant and excited every day

Our Services

Our Philosophy

"“Drs. Beardsley and Rezaie are on a whole other level. Their understanding of health and wellness blows my mind! They’ve helped me go from someone who is chronically tired and battling migraines to the one my friends now look to for health advice. Their perfectly balanced combination of supportive love and calling me on my nonsense is exactly what I needed. Deciding to work with them was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.” "

Miranda Daigneault, CHPC
The Luminary Group, Owner

"I’m a patient of both Drs. Beardsley and Rezaie and many times they both positively impacted my life and guided me to a happier and healthier way of living and being. I went to Dr. Beardsley at a stage in my life where I was frustrated, had spent a lot of money on doctors. I was in a bad place. They ask questions that I had never been asked before and would have never thought could be part of the problem. I am grateful everyday to know that I can count on and trust the therapies of these doctors. Not only do I call them doctors, I also call them my friends!"

Jaime Kouri
Patient for life

"I first met Dr. Beardsley my sophomore year of high school when I was diagnosed with Graves Disease and have been working with her the past five years. Right from the beginning she was amazing! She worked with me to develop a specialized treatment plan that helped me go into remission without removing or otherwise harming my thyroid. I currently live across the country from her, but she has been phenomenal at working with me remotely via phone and zoom calls. She helped me not only recover from Graves Disease, but also develop lifelong habits to improve my mental and physical health. Dr. Beardsley genuinely cares for her patients, and I know that without her, my overall well-being would simply not be as good. With her help, I have built a strong foundation for a healthy, active lifestyle. I will benefit from her commitment, expertise, and advice for the rest of my life. "

Lydia Vinton

"I spoke with Dr. Lauren Beardsley and Dr. Saman Rezaie – Their holistic input is almost spiritual, without including religion. They have an interesting technique with an approach I am excited to take."

Anonymous Patient

"Your health cannot be in better ‘hands’ than Doctor Lauren Beardsley’s! She is actually a real HEALER and a kindred spirit. I suggest you make an appointment with her for your present and future health concerns, NOW."

Thomas Deragisch

"I have recently spent more time with Dr. Lauren Beardsley and Dr. Saman Rezaie. We discussed perception, becoming aware, and the way the human brain and GI track work. Becoming aware is actually pretty intense, but each experience is a journey that defines me, who I am, and which path my world will take. I am starting to realize that we are all a culmination of our experiences and rather than having that regret or disappointment I have determined I need to appreciate every experience. I feel healthier, I feel happier, and for the first time in a long time, I feel like I don’t need to change the way I feel, I am content with being."

Erica Bailey

"Dr. Beardsley is a kind, patient and thorough healthcare provider. She is also very smart and intuitive. She is passionate about her work and in helping to empower me to help myself. I feel very fortunate to have found her as my Dr. I highly recommend Dr. Lauren Beardsley."

Anonymous Patient

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